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About Us

We are "Rendezvous Rafters Camp" one of the best place which offer great exotic and adventurous water sports and camping in Rishikesh at very price. Rendezvous has always been a place for the children school all over all over country for their recreation in land of Rishis and Holy River Ganges for lovely sports like White Water Rafting,Camping,Trekking and All adventure activity.We have 100% guest satisfaction rate with lot of repetitive and referrals clients which reflects the success of our service & camping experience with the goodwill and loyalty we have generated of our clients.Looking for a long term mutual business relationship. Rendezvous Rafters Camp are a Camping, Rafting and Adventure tourism firm Located in Rishikesh.Rafting on ganges river,rafting in shivpuri,kayaking,Riverrafting at Rishikesh, Shivpuri on Ganges. Beach camping and whitewater rapids marine drive in India on Ganga.Riverrafting at Rishikesh, Shivpuri on Ganges. Beach camping and whitewater rapids marine drive, wall, golf course, three blind mice in India on Ganga.White water Rafting at Rishikesh,Camping at Rishikesh. Now Rafting season are open and looking for more exicting rapids in ganges,and adventures rout of trekking.this time with some healthy water levels in the Ganges,This time we are just lanch Jangal Cottages also,Riding the river was a lot of fun with regular action on the big rapids! Esp The Wall! Where we saw a record no. of flips. river rafting, river rafting in ganga india,river side camps in rishikesh,jungle camps in shivpuri,white water rafting in rishikesh, white water rafting in ganga rishikesh india, camping in rishikesh, adventure sports tours in rishikesh, rafting camps in shivpuri rishikesh india, camps in rishikesh, rafting in shivpuri rishikesh, River rafting is mainly practiced in the upper reaches of the wild and white water, hitting rapids such as The Wall, Black Money, Cross Fire, and Three Blind Mice. If you are a good rafter, you should try your luck with some of the most exciting rapids that pose a serious challenge Return to Sender, Roller-Coaster, Golf Course, and Club House.

RendezvousCamp's Goals    

  • To maintain sustainable growth at all levels of our operations
  • To operate responsible tourism
  • To give the highest quality of service possible to our clientele
  • To involve our local community in our programs
  • To conserve and protect the environment and all that lives within
  • To provide ongoing training for our staff and guides

We specialize in ready made itineraries & packages, we also make tailor-made packages just to suit the requirement of our clients.